Our Services

Execution time
21 days

Website Development

We create beautiful, modern websites and truly effective marketing tools.  We create a place where people can learn about your business, become your patients and interact with your clinic.

Mobile Development

The use of mobile phones to access the internet now exceeds the use of PC’s by 81%! We develop mobile websites and professional mobile applications that solve challenges and support communication between medical staff and their patients.

Execution time
from 1 month
Execution time
from 5 to 20 days

Branding & Design

Together with our experts in the field of health care, our designers create compelling and memorable brands. From logo to complete corporate identity we help you develop a brand and advertising campaign materials that are truly attractive, differentiated and unforgettable.

Digital Marketing

We conduct a full analysis of your market and vision for your brand. Then we increase brand awareness, customer acquisition and customer retention with a marketing strategy designed to create a measurable return on your marketing budget.

Execution time
from 1 month
Execution time

Target Advertising

Dollar for dollar, digital marketing has proven to be the most effective and powerful form of advertising.  In 2019 ad spend on digital marketing has officially overtaken traditional marketing.  Using advanced tools and analytics we are able to directly select the audience that will be most interested in your services, then we bring those patients from the internet to your clinic.

Implementation of CRM in the Medical Business

We implement CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems which frees staff from needless paperwork, increases productivity, and increases new and return patients. Once the CRM is implemented we train support your staff on how to maximize the benefits of using the CRM.

Executive time
5-10 days
Execution time
From 14-21 days

Creating Chat Bots for the Clinic

Communication is key to acquiring and retaining patients. Technology can dramatically improve information flow. We implement automated chat bots that communicate with the clients on your behalf. Such solutions allow your system to engage potential patients in an initial conversation.  This allows frequently asked questions to be answered 24/7 in real time without the need for staff involvement.

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